[Music] okay so in this video I want to talk you through how to put together a killer research proposal for your PhD application before I start obviously it’s worth noting that all programs have their own specific formats and requirements so make sure you check these out before submitting yours these tips though should help you to think about your ideas and frame them in a way that’s exciting and attractive to potential supervisors and potential departments in this video I look at the content and structure of a research proposal and remember when designing which applications take further admissions teams are looking for a select number of things firstly are you a candidate that has good knowledge of the topic that you want to research second do you have an interesting research question third do you know how to examine your research question inappropriate weight number four is would your proposed research tell a nice and coherent story that would add value to your specific field and the fifth and final one is will you finish your PhD in the time allowed and we’ll go through each of those in turn now okay so number one is knowledge of the field it’s a good idea to spend the first portion of your research proposal setting the context of your area of research what’s already known are there any major theories or researchers that play a key role in how your topic is understood probably a good idea to mention these here when you’re trying to do with this section is to set yourself up as a knowledgeable and academic candidate by doing this you’re demonstrating a range of skills like literature searching bringing together research and evaluating what is currently known number two your research question needing um from your review of the area you should be able to set yourself up for stating what your research question is identify what the gaps are in current knowledge and pose an interesting question related to why this might be your question can be theoretical in nature or it can be geared around the particular problem so that doesn’t really matter which approach you take the key is to make it sound impactful important and grounded in the literature that you’ve just reviewed so number three is choosing your methods it’s crucial at this stage that you demonstrate that you know exactly how you’re going to try to research question that you set there may even be sub questions with different methods attached to them and that’s absolutely fine but in this section what you need to demonstrate is that you have a few key skills so first an understanding of the constraints of your research question and by this what I mean is what are the limits to what your question can answer don’t overstretch and try and explain issues that are only tangentially related to what you want to look at second you need to demonstrate that you realize that different questions require different methods if you’re looking at causality for example then experimental methods may be best well if you just want to look at the links between different issues which is quite common in the social sciences then larger scale surveys may be the best approach the important things to do is to demonstrate an awareness of the different research methods that you can use and to justify why you’ve chosen the approach that you have number four is telling a story now the key piece of advice that my PhD supervisor passed on to me was that your thesis should tell a story now this story can take one or two forms and the first is perhaps the easiest to understand that’s the story of discovery your thesis could move from one city to the next with each study adding incrementally to the answer that you’re trying to give to your main overarching research question with this approach each study will flow into the next make an easy to see the links between them and the second approach to storytelling in your thesis is your development as a researcher this is where you have a set of studies that you have lined up from the outset and reveal what you’ve learned throughout your journey of conducting these pieces of work each of these stories are fine and which story your thesis will take will become clear as you actually conducting the research but for the person who you proposed what’s probably easier to go for the first story to show a clear coherent story of what your research might look like in the end this and final thing you need to address is timing you close your proposal by setting out how you’ll be able to complete each study on time each institution in each country will have a different time limit for the ph.d process and it’s important that you check out what these timelines are this isn’t just about making a chart of milestones and word counts although this might be important to really show how committed you are to finishing and good sign lay out the potential hurdles that you’ve got to overcome for example is obtaining ethical approval for your project I’ll at least take a long time if so what will you be doing while waiting for it to come through do you have any contingency plans for when things go wrong which inevitably throughout the course of a PhD they will including this level of detail might seem a little bit like overkill but it will really make you look methodical in your planning and you’ll stand out as a result so there you have it there my five top tips for putting together a killer PhD research proposal after formatting just present it professionally there are guides online that you can follow but the key thing is to make sure that the structure makes sense to your specific project I put together a video of my research proposal which I’ll link to in the description hopefully this video has been really helpful to you and if so please do like and share it and subscribe to the channel using the button below post your comments to update everyone on your progress and the best of luck with your application [Music]

How to Make Money With White Papers and Small Reports

[Music] hey today we are talking about the five keys to writing and selling small reports I know you’re always looking for ways to make extra money ways to make leveraged money you know those emails that just pop in and say somebody just paid you and there’s nothing you have to do because you have an automated system set up that delivers it love that that’s what we’re talking about today hey I’m Rochelle sysm I want to welcome you to entrepreneurs take action and you know there’s so many of us out there building an online business we have great content you have great content and so I want you to look at the possibility of writing these small reports small report meaning a word document a that you turn into a PDF that is maybe somewhere from 12 to 20 pages long okay not talking about a massive book that you’re writing here we’re talking about a small report and so first we’re going to look at a couple of things that you need to do whenever you’re writing it and then we’re going to talk about selling it so key number one this is huge and that is to choose a current hot topic I see a lot of people go very wrong with their topic okay you look at what are the people in your industry what’s your ideal client talking about right now is it some big problem that’s going on do you have an industry magazine look at the things that they’re talking about on the covers of your industry magazines those are hot topics and by the way they’ve spent millions of dollars to research and figure that out so you know we might as well just borrow that information from them so number two here’s a big great strategy use the words how-to in your title okay did you know that on YouTube how to are some of the most searched words for videos people want to know how to do things how to boil a chicken how to paint a car in 18 minutes how to post on Facebook and get people to see it right there are tons just use how to find you a great topic and come up with a great title that has the words how-to in it number three offer plenty of tips and examples and great information remember we’re selling this and so we want to be sure that they are getting value for what they are buying the price point on this small report will be anywhere from like seven dollars to maybe seventeen to nineteen dollars I would like to see you keep it under 20 that is that no-brainer sell right people don’t think twice about the things that are under 20 bucks so look at maybe seven are seventeen I love those two numbers the fourth thing I want you to look at is this is actually a little selling strategy and that is to write a part two so whatever you have written about whatever your small report is about you write a second piece that is a continuation of the conversation that they get for free only when they buy okay so this is the part two of whatever your topic was so if you write a you know if you write a report on how to how to paint a car in eighteen minutes then your part two maybe how to choose paint colors okay so think about that what’s the second piece you can write and that one is shorter and still has great content but it’s only they only get it when they buy the fifth thing I want you to look at is possibly looking at using a tiered pricing structure and so a tiered pricing structure would mean that maybe the first hundred people that buy are going to get it for $10 and the next hundred people that buy that are going to get it for $12 and after two hundred it’s going to seventeen dollars which is where it’s going to stay so that is a fast action bonus type situation that gets people to move when they see those numbers dwindling now to do that you have to be sure that you are going in there and saying you know we’ve only got fifteen left at this price we’ve only got two left at this price you’ve got to be changing that and moving it forward so I just I think it’s a great strategy try it and see if it works for you now I said I was going to give you five those are the five choose current hot topic use how to on your title offer plenty of tips and examples right apart too and then create a tiered pricing structure but I wanted to give you a bonus and the bonus is to create a short video to set all this report now I’m gonna give you an example of that so if you go to decisive business planner calm this is a great example of a short report that I sell it’s a business planner that I put together and I sell it for $17 and on that sales page you’re gonna see the video that I created I think it’s between six seven minutes something like that very short video that is educational that is promoting the business planner it converts very well I sell a lot of these business planners for $17 the first time I sold it by the way I sold it for seven just to see if it would sell and then after we sold about three hundred of them I moved that up to seventeen dollars so it does work I sell that all the time now it’s your turn so what is that small report that you’re going to write what is your price point where how are you going to sell it you need a sales page you need a video something so that people can buy it and then I want you to get out there and start promoting it and make the money all right there’s no sales of them saying be this I said have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon bye [Music] you

TOEFL Writing Templates (Independent Essay)

hi there this is Michael from TOEFL resources comm and today’s video is about how to write a TOEFL independent essay using writing templates the question we’re dealing with today is this one the widespread use of the Internet has given people access to information on a level never before experienced how does this increase in the availability of information influence life in today’s world that’s a pretty typical question I got it from a basic textbook and like most independent essay questions it can be answered perfectly using a series of simple templates so first of all let’s talk about the introductory paragraph the introductory paragraph can be written really really well using three sentences and you can use the same three sentences basically every single time the first sentence is a hook a hook is an interesting sentence that describes the topic of the essay without revealing the main point that you’re arguing the second sentence of your paragraph is your main point that’s your thesis statement and the third sentence is a transitional sentence and again you can use this same model every time you answer an independent essay question no matter what type of question it is no matter what the topic is you can use this same template every single time here’s an example so I start with the hook most people agree that the internet effects Society in many different ways continuing with the main point in my opinion the most prominent effect of the Internet is that it has strengthened democracy and then the transition I feel this way for two reasons which I will explore in the following essay and that’s it some people suggest including a summary of the two reasons after the transition if you’re an advanced student and you write really quickly you can quickly summarize them in the introduction but it’s not absolutely necessary let’s take a look at the body paragraphs you’re going to write two body paragraphs and they can be answered in the exact same way every single time you write an independent essay let’s take a look at the template first of all start your body paragraph with a topic sentence that summarizes your first reason beginning with something like to begin with continue by writing between one and three sentences that give general information about this reason beginning with something like for example continue by writing three or four sentences describing a personal example that illustrates your reason and then conclude with a single sentence Restatement of your topic sentence here’s an example you can pause the video if you need more time to read it I began with a nice topic sentence to begin with online investigative reporting plays a major role in exposing political corruption and keeping politicians honest so again I begin with this nice phrase to begin with and my topic sentence clearly summarizes what I’m going to be talking about in the rest of the paragraph you know that I’m going to be talking about online investigative reporting and how it exposes political corruption I continue with a few sentences that give general information about what I mean here it goes in the past there were only a limited number of news outlets and they often had deep connections to powerful politicians and were hesitant to criticize them these days however there are many independent publications on the internet that are willing to expose political behavior and then I include a real-world example or it can be one that you know you made up that’s fictional starts with for example for example an online magazine recently published a story revealing that the mayor of my hometown had taken bribes from a property developer the report was so detailed and well researched that the mayor had no choice but to resign although the evidence was not hard to locate only this independent web site was willing to write about it and that say a real-world example from my life that illustrates the reason I’m discussing and then I end with a nice restatement of my topic sentence here goes this example demonstrates how the internet helps to strengthen democracy in the modern world if you’re if you’re more of a low-level student and you find that you’re run out of time on test day you can omit this last sentence that last sentence of the body paragraph it’s good to have but you know if you’re a bit slower you can safely delete it and it probably won’t affect your score very much your second body paragraph is going to be just like the first I won’t read this paragraph here but you can pause the video if you like and read it at your leisure so it begins with a topic sentence it continues with a few general sentences and then it gives a personal example from my life and then it summarizes my reason at the end it’s about the same length as the first body paragraph and it’s written in exactly the same way with the same template and after those two body paragraphs comes your conclusion conclusion I teach a simple two sentence conclusion it begins with a restatement of the main point and it includes a single sentence summary of my two reasons here’s one for the essay at hand in conclusion I strongly believe that the Internet has strengthened democracy in modern society this is because online investigative journalism plays a big part in keeping politicians honest and because social networking sites encourage people to be politically active that last sentence it’s just this is because x and y this is because reason 1 and reason 2 you don’t need a really long detailed conclusion it’s okay to write a longer conclusion if you have lots of time but honestly your time is better spent writing good body paragraphs that’s where most of your points are going to come from and that’s it that’s how you write an independent TOEFL essay again you can use this template every time you write an essay no matter what the question is you can basically do it this way every time I hope this video has been helpful if you want to see more videos like this check out my channel or visit the main TOEFL resources comm webpage thanks very much for watching